The Solution to Ecommerce In Africa

Zcnox is a platform designed to enable anyone create ecommerce store without coding experience. It also enable sellers to sell to potential buyers accross African and accept Crytocurencies or ZNC Token without any intermediary, border or centralised fees.

Our Aim is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers all over Africa in other to create our own ecosystem that will solve problems of ecommerce in Africa and also take ecommerce to the next level.

NOTE: These are Alpha Version of the zcnox platform for testing purpose. It is not perfect but we need to show our community what we have been doing and get feedback to make it better.

The Platform


Easy Integration and Affordable

Sellers can create their own independent ecommerce site within 30minutes without any codding experience at low cost

Inbuilt Invetory Management System

Sellers can easily tracked all the products in the stock and also manage daily transaction

Free Marketing Tools

Sellers can list their top products on Zcnox Marketplace and get people to buy their products. No spending on paid advert.

Get Potential Buyers all over Africa

Buyers don't have to wait till product delivery before making payment for purchased goods on Zcnox. However sellers only receive the payment after the product has been delivered to the buyer.


Buy From International Market

You can order product from any part of Africa and pay with ZNC Token or your local currency.

Buy From Verified Sellers

All sellers on Zcnox Platform must pass KYC verification process. It will prevents scam and fraud

Highly Effective Delivery System

With our delievry system, You get your product delivered to your doorstep without any delay. You can cancel your order and get full payment if products not delivered or delayed

100% Buyer Protection

We make sure buyers get the exact product they paid for. Full payment refund if seller fails to deliver the right product

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 20,000,000
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Crowdsale: 14,000,000
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Company: 3,000,000 30/09/2018
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Team: 2,000,000 30/09/2018
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Bounty and PR: 1,000,000
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